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10 Rising Personalities Redefining the Future of Cryptocurrency

10 Rising Personalities Redefining the Future of Cryptocurrency
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The glimmering star of the cryptocurrency domain are the real assets of the industry

The cryptocurrency economy has achieved breakneck progress in the last decade as cryptocurrency innovations have skyrocketed at a lightning speed as it presented itself with over-the-top forecasts for the years ahead. The crypto market continues the evolution of the global economy through digitization, automation, increased efficiency, and productivity, and it is slowly reaching its tipping point. As the number of cryptocurrencies in the market grows, so does its potential to explode. These new cryptocurrencies provide various facilities and features that facilitate easy transactions with relatively quite low fees without interference from third parties. These innovations are generally created by renowned cryptocurrency expert. These experts are innovators and strategists who analyze the needs of the crypto customers and businesses and build creative means to deliver and experience the best cryptocurrency facilities. In this article, we have listed the names of the top personalities in cryptocurrency and blockchain domains who are redefining the industry’s future.

Marguerite DeCourcelle

Marguerite DeCourcelle, aka Coin Artist, is a digital artist and co-founder of Blockade Games, the creators of the Neon District play-to-earn role-playing game. Dedicated to building up the rapidly maturing metaverse, DeCourcelle was recently featured in Fortune’s NFT5 50 list of the 50 most interesting people in the NFTs.


Before the internet or TV, the most popular form of entertainment was radio. This analogue form of technology is getting a decentralized makeover with Rug radio, created by crypto entrepreneur Farokh. Even though it is not AM/FM, it is a community-driven decentralized media platform that combines the spirit of college radio with the possibility of Web3, plus a dollop of NFTs.

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is a well-known Scottish artist who started painting when he was in his 30s. Due to his immense passion for art and technology, he ventured into painting QR codes before he immersed himself in full-time crypto art. Trevor generally combines traditional art and digital technology to create amusing artworks. Also, to attract more audiences to his art, he uses augmented reality, NFC tags, video production and animation.

Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles-based 3D artist who focuses on producing surreal, futuristic aesthetics. She has got a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram, and her work focuses on depicting a perfect future that can never exist. Generally, her themes include glamorous mechanical women who are powered by roses and clockwork. Her female-themed artwork has landed her in some of the most lucrative fashion brands such as Jimmy Choo, Fendi, and even in a high-end alcohol brand name Smirnoff.

Frances Haugen

Frances is quite well-known for her explosive revelations about Facebook’s misdeeds. She has mentioned before that her forseeable future is secure since she brought crypto at the right time. Then she fled to Puerto Rico to join her crypto community. So, it is quite clear that Haugem is the empress of quite a lucrative crypto empire.

Izzy Howell

Izzy describes herself as the DeFi rebel princess, and basically the core contributor at Solana-based derivatives protocol Cypher. Izzy set up Cypher at a point when she was facing the lowest moments of her life. And now, she is one of the most innovative crypto personalities in the industry.


Pak is a reputable NFT artist, with one of the greatest numbers of fans and followers in the digital world. Just like Satoshi Nakamoto, this artist chose to keep his/her name anonymous for over a decade. As of now, nothing has been established about the real identity of Pak, but it is quite evident that the artist has won the hearts of several NFT art fanatics.

Jack Mallers

Jack Mallers is the CEO of Strike, a similar platform to Venmo that enabled users to move between cryptocurrencies and fiat. The platform has been integral to El Salvador’s controversial step to ad Bitcoin as the legal tender, but the company is planting other stops in the Southern hemisphere.

Yosuke Matsuda

Yosuke Matsuda is the President of Square Enix, the gaming development company behind the ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise. He is quite rapidly becoming the figurehead for those who are excited about blockchain gaming the future of gaming in metaverse and crypto. Under his leadership, Square Enix has identified blockchain games as a new domain on which the company is focusing more on investments.


Fewocious is another NFT artist that continued to garner attention. This 18-year-old artist makes surreal digital art that starts selling from US$25,000 and upwards. The artist, reportedly, turned into digital art because it allowed him to save money on art supplies, the results of which are breathtaking and vivid.

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