A Metaverse Multiplayer Game Built On Blockchain Technology Takes The Space By Storm

Sinverse - A Metaverse Multiplayer Game Built On Blockchain Technology Takes The Space By Storm
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Sinverse consists of an underdeveloped digital real estate that anyone can purchase and develop using SDK kits available in the development area. The makers have joined hands with Vulcan Verse to create the game, using the finest virtual reality technology, including a lavishly spread VT CasinI and public facilities. Furthermore, the platform is built on Matic Network, an existing vanilla Network partner, allowing for high speed & low-cost transactions. Sinverse comes across as an interesting 3D action-thriller game, set amidst the world’s most dreaded and controversial crime cities. It’s a play-to-earning game that will have users bidding to become the ultimate kingpin while building their empires.

Buyers battle to grab the land of the most controversial cities of the dysfunctional world to develop and build their empire.

The entire setup is built on augmented reality with realistic imagery along with voice & text chat features. You can barge into any district and enter into a battle with rival groups, which can help you win NFTs or lose them if you don’t emerge as winners. In Sinverse, you can choose what type of criminal protagonist you want to be, and there’s also an option of joining an established faction if you are new to the Metaverse or are not confident of making it on your own. Once a part of the faction, you will be groomed by other gang members and taught how the play-to-earn methods work so you can contribute your quota to the growth of your faction.

Once you purchase digital real estate within the Metaverse, you can start building your empire and take over some assets and start building your faction, which enhances your earning ability to a great extent and clears your path to becoming the kingpin within the Metaverse. However, many other gangs lurking across the vast areas stand as a threat to your dream of becoming the kingpin. There are various distinct cities within Sinverse that users can play in, with each having its own characteristics and resources which can help build your statistics and earn SIN tokens.


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