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Meaningful investments have been committed and are being made to date at the site to enable infrastructure development, including more than $50 million by New York State for planning, environmental reviews, land acquisition, infrastructure design and construction.

Genesee County and related entities have approximately $10 million on planning, infrastructure design and construction. In fact, almost $120 million in funding has been committed and is being invested in and around STAMP to make it market- and shovel-ready.

Most recently, Plug Power has agreed to invest approximately $55 million to advance the development of campus-wide electrical infrastructure including design, permitting and construction of a 500MW capable main campus substation. This is a vital component to the location of North America’s largest green hydrogen manufacturing facility that Plug Power is constructing and plans to open at STAMP in 2023.

According to Global Location Strategies, a leading site selection and incentive negotiation firm for manufacturing and industrial companies, STAMP is the most well-known emerging industrial site in New York. GLS further states that with additional infrastructure enhancements STAMP leapfrogs ahead of competitive sites across the nation.

Securing the remaining investment necessary to finalize the build-out will make STAMP truly market- and shovel-ready. The governor’s budget proposal and legislation to establish funding to make sites like STAMP 100% shovel-ready does just that. This investment will remove a major obstacle and risk in the selling effort and would enable STAMP to put our region over the goal line with decision makers for mega-scale projects currently knocking on our door.

Steve Hyde is president and CEO of the Genesee County Economic Development Center.


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