Best Fintech 2022: See The Top Digital Wallets, Crypto Apps And More

Best Fintech 2022: See The Top Digital Wallets, Crypto Apps And More
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The fintech revolution is going strong as all kinds of financial companies adopting new technologies. The pandemic spurred rapid innovation and growth in the digital payments sector. Mobile and other web-based payments have grown sharply in terms of the number of users and transactions, and they have a lot of room to run.

Other types of fintech gaining attention include personal finance, cryptocurrency and investment apps and digital lending platforms. The evolution of these digital financial services has changed the way users connect, interact and conduct business. And that’s good news for investors.

Investor’s Business Daily has compiled a new series of rankings and reports to guide investors and help consumers find the best fintech services for their needs.

The Best In Fintech series starts with a deep look at the Best Digital Wallets. Digital wallets act as payment processors for consumers and businesses — from payments to a relative, friend, retailer, supplier or microbusiness.


Like several other popular IBD lists, the Best In Fintech winners are determined by customers’ ratings of services they actually use. IBD worked with polling partner TechnoMetrica to survey more than 6,000 people nationwide to rank the Best Digital Wallets.

Upcoming reports in the Best In Fintech series will include savings and investment apps and the cryptocurrency segment.


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