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bhopal: Immortalising Lost Moments, The Tech Way | Bhopal News

bhopal: Immortalising Lost Moments, The Tech Way | Bhopal News
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Bhopal: A Bhopal-based digital artist is giving capturing memories and reviving it through binary codes.
New media artist Shreya Shrivastava’s attempt is to customise fond memories into digital images. Simply put, or in behind the tech coding are expressions of a life which perhaps do not exist in documents albums or creations.
“Through digital art the attempt is to recreate memories. People describe their fond memories which I recreate through digital art,” said Shrivastava, during a two day exhibition’ Spandan’. It was at Kala Vithika of Swaraj Bhavan in Bhopal. The exhibition concluded on Sunday.
An engineer who turned into a corporate marketer for 5 years, found her calling in digital art. She calls it ‘AlienChikki’ to pop out customized illustrations. “It could be your grandma’s pet-peeve, maa ka taana, an embarrassing moment that still makes you chuckle, the special bond that you share with your pets, the first meeting with that someone special or that evening chai with your office bud. Basically, anything that makes your heart gleam and your face beam,” said Shreya.
The inspiration for the digital artist comes from her mother, Manjula Kamal. Her domain is paintings, handicraft and other artwork. The art is inspired by nature, Indian Deities, women as forces of nature and abstraction among others. The art sometimes is bright and vibrant reflecting the positive mindset of the artist and at other times minimal conveying the simple-living, high-thinking attitude of the artist, she said.


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