Blues to enter Metaverse with Ultimo GG

Blues to enter Metaverse with Ultimo GG
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Blues to enter Metaverse thanks to the Ultimo GG partnership.

Birmingham City will be the first Club from the EFL to enter the Metaverse, thanks to an innovative project led by esports partner, Ultimo GG.

In December 2021, work began on scanning and mapping a digital recreation of St. Andrew’s Stadium. Once complete, Birmingham City’s very own digital metaverse will offer commercial opportunities for the Club, engagement and entertainment opportunities for Blues fans as well as fundraising opportunities for the BCFC Community Trust, Academy and other charitable causes.

A thorough fan consultation process will begin shortly, allowing Blues fans to have their say on how the St. Andrew’s Metaverse Project can be used to benefit the club and its supporters. Both Birmingham City FC and Ultimo GG are committed to building a free-to-enter and inclusive enterprise, which will bring sustainable, long-term revenue streams to the Club and Birmingham City FC Community Trust.

“We’re incredibly excited to be guiding Birmingham City Football Club into the Metaverse”, said Ultimo GG’s CEO and Co-Founder, Tobias Gooden.

“Web3 will bring a number of innovative opportunities to football clubs, and we will be able to help Birmingham City become one of the first sports clubs in the world to benefit from this new technology.”

Current plans for Birmingham City’s Metaverse project include:

– Digital Museum: An immersive and interactive experience, detailing the Club’s rich and illustrious history.

– Partner showcase functionality: Prospective commercial partners from all over the world will be able to step into St. Andrew’s and sample what their branding will look like on the LED systems, big screen and more.

Virtual Events: Q&As with club legends, digital gigs for local bands, virtual exhibitions for local artists and VR replays of classic matches – the St. Andrew’s Metaverse Project will be able to connect the Club to fans all over the world.

– Games Arcade: Fans will be able to play BCFC mini games, compete in a leaderboard and win Club-related prizes such as tickets, hospitality and merchandise.

– Virtual Tours: Blues fans will be able to go behind the scenes at St. Andrew’s from wherever they are in the world, with multiple language options and the opportunity to provide stadium tours to fans with accessibility challenges.

Coding Camps: For talented local students and fans to work collaboratively to provide solutions to overcome real world challenges released by the Club.

– NFTs and Club Token: Fans can collect moments of Blues history and digital real estate as NFTs, as well as using an exclusive token which generates a tax to support the Club and its charitable endeavors.

– Virtual Club store: Fans will be able to see how they will look in certain items of kit and merchandise before buying, as well as exclusive product ranges and discounts.

– Ticketing and Memberships: Fans from all over the world will be able to secure meaningful memberships and access to the Club, from both a digital and physical perspective.

– Community/Educational Resources: Birmingham City in the Community will be able to increase its outreach by providing digital courses and education programmes.

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