News Coin Has a New Name — Cronos — and Is Surging Today Coin Has a New Name -- Cronos -- and Is Surging Today
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What happened

One of the more interesting projects to take the crypto market by storm is Cronos (CRYPTO:CRO). Formerly the Coin, Cronos is the token powering’s powerful exchange, which has grown in an investor interest mainly due to a number of marketing efforts tied to the National Basketball Association as well as advertisements featuring popular celebrities. Cronos had surged 6.7% higher over the last 24 hours as of 12:50 pm ET Wednesday, amid a very bullish day for cryptocurrencies overall.

Today’s price action appears to be the result of both reduced geopolitical pressures and increased investor interest around the recent rebranding of Coin to Cronos. This rebranding highlights Cronos’ focus on its Cronos chain, which allows developers to launch decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on the top of this network.

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So what

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has gained a tremendous amount of interest from investors and crypto enthusiasts since its 2018 launch. However, this crypto exchange has sought to become more than that — an exchange that allows for scalability and Web3 infrastructure to take place on the top of the network.

The network’s recently launched Cronos chain allows for developers to build DeFi applications on top of Cronos’ network, providing more use cases for the CRO token. Currently, there are more than 120 developers working on projects on the Cronos chain, with Cronos acquiring more than 350,000 unique wallet addresses since its launch.

Now what

This recent growth highlights the surging interest in DeFi-compatible blockchain networks. Cronos’ rebranding efforts complement the network’s previous marketing in getting the word out that Cronos is much more than a crypto exchange.

While Cronos continues to make improvements to its trading platform — integrating 10 new trading pairs and adding leveraged margin trading capabilities — this network’s focus on decentralized application growth appears to be what many investors are now interested in.

The DeFi space is competitive, and it’s still the early innings for Cronos in this regard. But there’s understandably a lot more interest in Cronos, and not just because of its name change.

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