Enter the Metaverse with Sandbox (SAND) HUH Token (HUH) and Decentraland (MANA)

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The term Metaverse was coined in 1992 by Neal Stephenson, and since then has evolved into something that has been revolutionized by 3 major players in Cryptocurrency, Sandbox (SAND), Decentraland (MANA) and HUH Token (HUH). MANA and SAND have been leading the way into the paving of the metaverse, with HUH taking its run with a self-made virtual plane, MetaHUH.

The Metaverse has been predicted to change society with its multibillion-dollar industry appeal, but there are still so many people who are unfamiliar with what a metaverse is and the potential behind the concept.

The Metaverse was first taken from a book called Snow Crash; and has since been depicted in several movies such as The Matrix, and Ready Player One. The Metaverse as we know it these days is intrinsically tied to that of technology, cryptocurrency and everything that comes with it. It is effectively a virtual world where users can trade and buy items such as works of art, experiences and create their worlds using non-fungible tokens. Several cryptocurrencies are invested in the metaverse. Facebook included itself in the discussion when deciding to rebrand into a metaverse.

HUH Token (HUH) is one of the newer cryptocurrencies to enter the market in December 2021. They came in with the vision of creating the first token that combines utility with memes. They are creating the MetaHUH. The idea behind it is that profit will be created in the MetaHUH by the interactions generated by the user’s overall content. HUH is rumoured to have a claim over top influencers over social media which could be enough leverage to inspire interested parties in buying their cryptocurrencies.

This can be proven by looking at how Sandbox (SAND) secured over $93 million in funding by using high-profile personalities, Snoop Dog to name one, to participate on the platform.

Compared to HUH Tokens, Sandbox (SAND) is an Ethereum-based blockchain project that offers users an opportunity to create their virtual world. It has become one of the leading blockchain-powered players using tokens that according to news,combines its amazing social capability with a smart chain-based referral mechanism. The person who purchases HUH Token can referrer anyone they wish who does not hold HUH Tokens, through a code that is given upon purchase.’ (

As of November 2022, Sandbox has more than 500,000 registered wallets and 12,000 virtual landowners, which is winning over profit margins and creating more interest.

Decentraland (MANA) is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies when it comes to market value and it is one of the most well-known coins in the metaverse.

Similar to Sandbox, MANA is an Ethereum-based decentralized application. The people who use MANA the most are gamers who create their virtual gaming world using the tokens to accessorize and equip their avatars to better perform missions. When they own any item, it is represented by a non-fungible token. Decentraland is the 3rd most popular NFT collection in the metaverse. With so much interest and the growth of gaming, this could be a strong long-term investment.

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