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Becomes one of the first female Head of Engineering and CTO to lead technology at a crypto platform company

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kyro Digitalthe first native Web3 building platform, that just closed a $10M in Series A and SaaS Revenue has added Darshana Munde-Navagare to lead the company as Head of Engineering, CTO and joins as a co-founder. This critical hire enables Kyro to scale its engineering team and highlights Kyro’s focus on female leadership in the Web3 and crypto space.

Already working with some of the largest blockchains including Kyro investors — Avalanche, Polygon, Rally, Tezos, and partners including Flow, Kyro is building a new category of services that transforms crypto adoption with a simple and easy way for chains and partners to re- think about the next generation of NFT, Coin, and Token offerings with unique storefront applications.

Munde-Navagare will focus on scaling the next generation of technology to provide IP owners, brands and creators the ability to not only seamlessly create their own marketplaces and storefronts but to enable utility value beyond just a piece of digital art. NFT, Token or Coin deployments include usable real-world and digital utilities that range from merchandise, collectibles, autographed memorabilia, rewards, events, experiences, donations, memberships, subscriptions, virtual goods, exclusive content, gated content, drops and so much more .

“Darshana brings not only a deep and impressive history in business technology transformation but the uncanny ability to scale large enterprise technology teams while at both corporate and growth size companies. We are all excited to work closely with Darshana to ensure Kyro continues to lead this new industry with an emphasis in security, privacy, deep data and new asset classes for Kyro’s current and future global customers,” said Peter Leebco-founder and CRO of Kyro Digital.

“The web3 space continues to evolve and showcase the potential of this powerful technology can have on everyone’s day-to-day life,” said Darshana Munde-Navagare, Kyro Digital’s CTO and Co-Founder. “I’m excited to go all-in on the DeFi revolution to democratize access to financial products and allow customers more control over their data. Despite many great products in the marketplace, there is a continuous need to simplify the blockchain ecosystem and its application layers. Joining Kyro fulfills my mission in building a platform which leverages the benefits of this complex technology but simplifies it for the end user.”

Kyro Digital was spun out of Sage Digital and is led by founder serial entrepreneur and investor, Samir Arorabusiness operator and co-founders, Peter Leeb, Darshana Munde, Liz Thompson, Arfat Allarakha and Muoi Lam. Arora has spent his career at the cutting edge of fundamental technology-driven consumer change; at Apple and NetObjects in Web 1.0, Ning and Mode Media in Web 2.0 and now the return to ownership and transparency in Web 3.0. Platforms, Builders and Blockchain has been rooted in Arora’s DNA dating back to his early years at Apple where he was the lead engineer for one of the earliest platforms for distributed applications, a precursor to Layer 0 and 1 of today’s blockchain. In 2016, he created one of the first social juice tokens for a utility exchange between creators and audiences. With the addition of Darshana as a co-founder, Kyro now has three women co-founders.

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About Kyro Digital
Kyro is the first native web3 platform that enables the next generation of applications for crypto marketplaces. It has created a new category of services that will transform crypto adoption with a simple and easy way for partners to re-think and push forward NFTs, Coins, Tokens and new frontier assets. Spun out of Sage Digital, Kyro is led by Samir Arorawho started working on distributed applications at Apple and was the former CEO of NetObjects, which launched the first website builder for Web 1.0.

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