FPL’s ‘good’ news doesn’t change company’s bad actions

Florida cartoon: FPL rigging laws to crush homeowners
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Some recent positive news came from Florida Power & Light’s public relations department, who has been working overtime lately to counter the volcanic eruption of discontent that’s come from outraged ratepayers and solar small businesses who have been victims of FPL’s pursuit of higher profits.

According to the company, workers have improved the reliability of Northwest Florida’s power grid by 58% since 2018. FPL took over operations of Gulf Power in 2019 and has since been installing “smart grid technology” that the company says helps to get power back faster in the case of issues from natural disasters.

Florida cartoon: FPL rigging laws to crush homeowners

Improved reliability:How FPL improved Northwest Florida’s power grid reliability by 58% since taking over Gulf Power

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An FPL spokesperson said the type of improvements being made to the Panhandle grid have reduced major storm outage time from more than five days to about two days in other parts of Florida. And FPL says that ultimately saves money on repair time and personnel costs, as well as personal expenses and potential household losses for homeowners during a storm.

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