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Hatchlingz inc. and artist Marie Plosjö combine to take rare NFT art to the top of Mount Everest

Hatchlingz inc. and artist Marie Plosjö combine to take rare NFT art to the top of Mount Everest
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The Hatchlingz launch is an opportunity for investors, collectors and creators to take first-mover advantage of an early-stage NFT collection. The artwork being taken to the peak of Everest is part of the collection — the eventual owner of the NFT will also receive the physical commemorative artwork after holding the matching NFT for a set period of time.

Called a “child’s universe, with grown-up ambitions”, the Hatchlingz NFT collection underpins the Hatch Game. Each NFT egg is transparently minted, giving each egg a 33.3% chance to hatch on mint or every time it is transacted on the blockchain. Each hatched egg will turn into one of three Hatchlingz species:

  • 6,000 Chickens
  • 3,000 Dragons
  • 990 Phoenix
  • 10 Artifacts

Each hatched bird automatically starts generating daily $YOLK – the token linking the Hatchlingz universe together.

“We’re thrilled with the launch of our Hatchlingz NFT collection, which we’ve been carefully curating through partnerships with amazing artists. What really sets NFTs apart is the gamification element. Hatchlingz is a full ecosystem with incubator and NaaS offerings, an excellent entry point,” said Partner & Founder of Hatchlingz Christian Wilhelmsson.

Hatchlingz is the brainchild of the Kotsopoulos Brothers Tanner and Jordanfamous Swedish ex-footballer and entrepreneur Christian Wilhelmssonartist and creative director Aras Parashpar, and developers Tristan Kornacki and Jared Carlyle.

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*Disclaimer: This climb is scheduled on the assumption that all safety conditions are met, and that it presents a safe journey for our climbing team!

Christian Wilhelmsson
[email protected]
Telephone: +12899837080


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