In metaverse move, Braves unveil Digital Truist Park

SunTrust Park
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SunTrust Park

With so much attention being paid by the likes of Facebook to create the metaversethe Atlanta Braves become the first MLB team to hop on the trend with the creation of a Digital Trust Park.

Right now there’s no one definition of the metaverse, and how one designs it depends on what technology you’re embracing or promotion. Facebook has embraced the trend and even changed the company name to Meta to show its commitment to the metaverse, while plenty of venture capital is already pouring into the field. For some it’s a videogaming play; For others, it’s an exploration play. It’s not new: remember when Second Life burst onto the scene and then just as quickly disappear? Throw the term into the same basket already holding Web3, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

In the case of the Braves, Digital Trustee Park will be powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology to create a n immersive, multiplayer environment streamed directly to their browsers. It will be a familiar experience for gamers.

“It’s exciting to create a new way for our fans to connect with our team and their favorite ballpark,” said Derek Schiller, Atlanta Braves President & CEO, via press release. “The digital version of Trustee Park will offer limitless opportunities to create unique fan engagements in the metaverse and we are proud to be the first team to offer this immersive experience. We look forward to building enhancements along the way which will continue to showcase the innovation of the Braves brand in the digital world.”

Digital Trust Park is expected to debut in April and will feature the following, per the Braves:

  • Create and customize avatars
  • Explore exclusive areas of Trustee Park and The Battery Atlanta, including the Braves Clubhouse, Monument Garden, and more
  • Enjoy exclusive content, performances, and meet-and-greets
  • Meet and interact with other Braves fans from around the world
  • Experience Braves’ history through interactive features
  • Celebrate the Braves 2021 World Series win
  • Play games, find ‘easter eggs,’ win prizes and more

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