In shocking news: a crypto bigwig appears to have lied about his education

In shocking news: a crypto bigwig appears to have lied about his education
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In her new book about crypto people, author Laura Shin shares research that contradicts Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson’s claims about his education. Apparently, Hoskinson claims to have been seeking a Ph.D. at a school that didn’t offer one. Hoskinson calls the book “a great work of fiction,” but can be heard making the claim on a podcast.


In her new book The Cryptopians, Laura Shin opens a window into the world of key players in the space. One of those who made the lineup was Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. According to Shin, Hoskinson had made some untrue claims with regards to his schooling and education. Shin said that the founder had previously told her that he had dropped out of a Ph.D. program which she had confirmed to be false.

Shin made the accusations in response to a comment Hoskinson had made on Twitter calling her book a “great work of fiction.” The crypto journalist claims had fired back at Hoskinson asking him to address the discrepancies between his about his schooling and the statements from the schools stating that Hoskinson was never enrolled in their Ph.D. program and one of the schools didn’t even offer a math Ph.D. program.

Other Twitter users had replied to Shin saying that Hoskinson never said he had been in a Ph.D. program. To which the crypto journalist had countered with an audio recording of Hoskinson saying that he was a grad student. “I was trying to get a Ph.D., and I ended up dropping out and never finished,” Hoskinson is heard saying on the recording.

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