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Internationally hosted In Real Life NFT is set to come to London

Internationally hosted In Real Life NFT is set to come to London
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In Real Life (IRL) NFT Is Bringing a Superb NFT Gallery to London on March 30th featuring Top NFT Artists

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LONDON March 9th, 2022 Ethereal Collective and Zebu Live are pleased to present In Real Life (IRL) NFT London, An in-person 1-day conference that will be held on March 30th 2022, with a focus on delivering an outstanding digital gallery that will showcase art from the top Non-fungible token (NFT) artists in the space.

Ashton Barger, Head of Partnerships & Events at Zebu Digital, commented on the event, “We’re thrilled to throw a proper in-person gathering of some of the top NFT artists and creators from around the world. It’s an honor to partner with a team like Ethereal Collective because they’re making strides to showcase NFT art in a new and engaging way.”

The theme for this year’s London event is connecting the real world with NFTs. Thus, IRL NFT is set to bring together NFT artists and collectors alike as well as prominent leaders and industry pioneers to share their vision and push of the space through thought boundaries leadership on trending topics with the goal of educating a broader audience around the opportunities created by this innovative new technology.

To achieve this goal, the event is hosting three panels focused on three pivotal topics: How DeFi is being implemented into NFTs, Merging physical art & traditional art with NFTs, and Ways we will see NFTs entering the Metaverse and Games.

IRL NFT will host 12 incredible speakers from some very notable firms in Web 3 including:

This event will also play host to over 20 renowned artists and 40 remarkable NFT projects:

Furthermore, there will be an NFT auction featuring pieces from some of the most famous London artists. The art will be a connection between physical art and digital NFTs. Some of the proceeds of the sales will go towards charities that the artists support as well.

IRL NFT is supported by some of the biggest names in the NFT space including Lithium, Spark, Doge Pound, Selby Anderson, Fae NFT, NEAR Future, Global Crypto Club, NFT Evening, The Defiant, and U.Today.

Co-Founder of Ethereal Collective, Jack Smillie had this to say, “The IRL NFT LDN event is the first event in a year-long schedule of Ethereal Collective NFT events. We will be shining a light on the NFT industry through showcasing both established and community artists. London represents a perfect opportunity to promote NFTs and their significance through growing the world’s largest decentralized art galleries.”

Book tickets until the day of the event at:

To find out more information about IRL NFT events, you can visit the website here:

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