The nostalgic music platform, LimeWire is set to make its reappearance. Per CNET, the former peer-to-peer file-sharing software will release as an NFT marketplace for music, art, and other entertainment-related content. The announcement comes less than a year after Austrian borthers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr bought the intellecutal property rights to the platform with plans to create a new way to connect fans and artists.

LimeWire originallly launched in May 2000, and allowed users the ability to search, share, and download free entertainment content. The platform was shut down 10 years later in 2010, after US Distric Court Judge Kimba Wood ruled that the company was in violation of copyright infringement laws.

Julian Zehetmayr, the company’s co-CEO, told Bloomberg that LimeWire is the perfect platform for the upcoming NFT marketplace. “It’s a very inconic name. Even if you look on Twitter today, there’s hundreds of people still being nostaligc about the name. Everybody connects it with music and we’re launching intially a very music-focused marketplace, so the brand was really the perfect fit for that with its legacy.”

Per a press release, LimeWire GmbH users will be able to buy and trade music-related assets, including pre-release music, exclusive live versions, digital merchandise, and more. Prices will be listed in US dollars instead of crypto, and uses will be able to purchase tokens with various payment options.

LimeWire GmbH is set to launch in May, but users can receive early access to the marketplace by registering for the waitlist on the company’s official website.