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Meet Young Entrepreneur Ameer Hussain And Learn About Investing In NFT & Creating Wealth

Meet Young Entrepreneur Ameer Hussain And Learn About Investing In NFT & Creating Wealth
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Some people call it’ a craze that will pass soon’ when someone else is excited and involved in the game. The NFT industry significantly look the world. This is a milestone in the development of art, culture, and the world, in general. In addition, this is a great opportunity for many artists to come to the spotlight and significantly change their lives.

The NFT market welcomes all artists, from the world famous ones with a million audience on social media channels to beginners without community. A lot of creators release their NFT collections or separate artwork every day. We believe that great artist and their artwork- is unique. But it is at times not enough to grab the attention of the collectors. Proponents like Ameer Hussain make it easy for us. One of the finest examples in the world of NFTs is Ameer Hussain.

Pursuing a great interest in NFTs Ameer decided to found his own community in the form of Dark Echelon and took a leap from thereon. Ameer Hussain drives Dark Echelon as founder and the creative director.

Dark Echelon is a unique and an exclusive community of NFTs consisting of more than 520 items. The City of the Dark is an exclusive community that can only be entered by owning a Dark Echelon NFT. By being a part of the Dark Echelon, people will receive exclusive benefits such as Launchpad access to upcoming projects, NFT calls and most importantly, access to their exclusive custom NFT bots that will always keep people a step ahead of the market.

Ameer has amassed over 202k followers guiding and directing people in NFT space. He states NFT space is looking for cheap mints and free mints. People can’t do these expensive mints anymore; Worrying that NFT space will die out very soon if these expensive cash grab mints don’t stop. Ameer is sure to mention that people can make money on the secondary royalties if they really plan on delivering a solid product.

At age of 19 Ameer Hussain has built a massive following on social media such as twitter and YouTube. On his YouTube he provides education on crypto and NFT’s. He is also the founder of Dark Echelon which is an Alpha Pass that provides utilities to the NFT holder such as early access to future NFT projects and bots that give up real time information on what is going on in the NFT market.

Ameer is a great role model for everyone but especially younger entrepreneurs who are looking to build wealth or a business. Follow him on:


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