LAS VEGAS, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s March, let the madness begin! Selection Sunday is less than one week away. That marks the beginning of the most bonkers month on the sporting calendar, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. 68 teams across 14 sites over three weeks – and endless excitement!

Gonzaga, Arizona, Auburn, Baylor, Kentucky, Kansasand Duke are among the championship favorites. Which team will be this year’s Cinderella? Which goliath will fall? Who will be the tournament’s breakout star?

Tournament games draw record crowds, huge television ratings, and endless online chatter among fans. More than 16 million brackets are expected to be filled out in the next week – and MyBookie is offering one of the most unique and valuable tournament winner prize packages anywhere.

We are the first Sportsbook to build a bracket around Bitcoin and NFTs. In a few years picking brackets for digital assets will be normal but if you want to be part of history be the first to turn $10 and your Bracket knowledge into a Bitcoin with us.

Click to purchase contest entry,

Bettors can try and cash in on a truly one-of-a kind MyBracket Contest from MyBookie, where the winner can accept a payment of 1 BTC (or the cash equivalent). Bitcoin is currently exchanging hands at $42,000but reached a high of more than $68,000 as recently as November 2021. Despite the fluctuations, experts predict Bitcoin’s price may increase to above $100,000 by the end of 2022.

What are the X’s and O’s of Bitcoin? In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

The runner-up will receive an equally unique (and potentially as lucrative) prize: NFT Doodle #9432 (valued at $50K). The cryptocurrency boom over the past few years has helped propel a new market of digital collectibles known as NFTs. These Non-fungible tokensare unique, irreplaceable, digital items that users buy and sell online.

“Doodles” are one of the best-selling NFT collections. They come in a funky range of colors, traits, and sizes with a collection size of 10,000. But none are quite like Doodle #9432. With sunny shades and a puffy jacket – this one-of-a-kind piece of digital currency is likely worth more than the trophy awarded to the team that’ll cut down the nets.

With the NFT space booming and pricing people out of the top blue chip projects, we felt everyone deserved a chance to own a piece of digital history. This is the first time that a high value NFT has been given away in a bracket contest. Many predict Doodles will be ‘the next Bored Ape Yacht Club’. If this prediction comes true, the 2nd place prize will be more valuable than the 1st.

How to Play:
Pick the winners of all 63 games in the 2022 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament, beginning with the First Round.

Points are awarded for each correct pick.

Point System:
1 point for every correct selection in the 1st Round
2 points for every correct selection in the 2nd Round
4 points for every correct selection in the Sweet 16
8 points for every correct selection in the Elite 8
16 points for every correct selection in the Final Four
32 points for picking the winner of the Championship

Contest entries can be purchased starting Monday February 28th to Thursday March 17th, 2022at 12:00pm ET.

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