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Nelson Mandela Family to Release ‘Mandelaverse’ Metaverse Project – The Hollywood Reporter

Nelson Mandela Family to Release ‘Mandelaverse’ Metaverse Project – The Hollywood Reporter
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The Nelson Mandela Family’s Long Walk to Freedom brand is launching a metaverse project, called “A Long Walk to Meta: Mandelaverse.”,” that will feature NFT art collections and a “holographic” gala that will take place later this summer in Los Angeles.

The project is being released as part of a partnership with Range Media, the digital product studio Tinywins and the Phoenix James Art Haus. The first of four NFT art collections are expected to release this May, with the proceeds benefitting the Mandela Education Program.

The first NFT collection will include 100 silver and gold tokens, with coins granting access to the “Mandelaverse Gala.” The holder of one gold coin will also be eligible for a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, that comes with a private safari.

“My father was a great champion of education and believed it was the most powerful weapon we could use to change the world. Web 3.0 holds the promise of a decentralized, community-driven paradigm shift that will allow a new generation to democratize and restore the power of creators,” Princess Zenani Mandela statement Dlamini said in a on Tuesday. “It is here that we will amplify African voices, connect a global community through storytelling, and uphold the legacy, principles, and values ​​of a revolutionary man.”

Other projects expected to come from the Mandelaverse IP are expected to include works across TV and film, including a documentary about Mandela’s legacy and an animated series.

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