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New Crypto Era for Investment, Safety, Games and

New Crypto Era for Investment, Safety, Games and
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London, United Kingdom, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — From the emerging crypto tokens, only a few have real-life use cases and transparent models based on communities. Cheebs is one such community-driven token with a foundation of real use cases and attractive business models. The project aims to utilize the potential of blockchain technology to enhance finance, NFT, and gaming. With their mission to emerge as potential leaders in the DeFi sectors, Cheebs platform currently has live features like CheeGaming and NFT minting.

What is Cheebs?

Cheebs is a BSC based community driven DeFi platform focused on real use cases and profitable business model. The blockchain-based platform is dependent on engaging users and making profits through gaming and NFT features. This year the company aims to achieve its primary target of launching CheeSure and P2E gaming.

Cheebs currently offer multiple rewarding and revenue-generating platforms like Cheebs Token, CheeGaming, CheePlus, and the CheeSure. All these platforms have distinct features interconnected under one singular project- Cheebs.

The project aims to empower businesses and people and gain better control of their finances. In addition, the platform will help individuals to utilize their crypto assets seamlessly in a secure environment with minimal fees.

What are the features of the Cheebs ecosystem?

The Cheebs platform is based on automated rewarding technology fueled by the Cheebs token. The platform and token operations function on blockchain and facilitate faster trading. In addition, the Cheebs ecosystem enables cross-chain compatibility using Binance Smart Chain, ultimately offering a 360-user experience.

The $Cheebs token is based on crypto and blockchain power, offers real-time utility, and comes with Burning Mechanism and Buy-Back. Users can get redistribution rewards on successful transactions.

Cheebs investors and holders will get automatic rewards from the reward pool containing multiple Cheebs tokens reserved by the contract.

Cheebs also offers a buyback and burn, this function ensures an increase in the coin price and limits the token quantity.

It is a holistic gaming platform that promises profits while engaging the users and Cheebs community. Cheebs gaming is distinct from traditional gaming with its economic blockchain design. It enables player-owned complex and rewards players as they reach top levels in the game.

CheeGaming offers weekly rewards to players and has a leader board promoting healthy competition among players while making profits.

This platform will feature a variety of projects for the Cheebs community like Tale of Cheebs, NFChee’s, Merchandise, and more. All these products are distinct and offer a chance for the holders to make profits and grow their wealth. In addition, users can also participate in NFT sales and create their own unique NFT art with NFChee and entertain themselves with Tale of Cheebs.

This platform will attract new investors by offering them long-term profits, real utilities, and secure investment.


$Chee token is fairly allocated for Initial Burn (12%), Private Sale, Marketing, Development & Listing (5%), there is also 10% reserved for Games and Giveaways. The developers are assigned 5% of the token and every buy & sell charges 10% tax which is distributed to marketing, Buyback, team native and reflections.

Cheebs Roadmap

Cheebs is currently in its first launch phase and has successfully completed its social media creation, website designing and CoinMarketCap listing. Interested users can also learn more about Cheebs through their Telegram group. The platform also has a live p2p game called Chee2Chee. Users can also entertain themselves and know more about Cheebs with their live animation stories released every month. Users can also mint their own NFTs or NFCHEE and receive a bonus in their upcoming play-to-earn game. This year, the company aims to launch CheeSure and P2E games in the following phases.

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