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NFT Spotlight: How Fortune Friends Club Is Supporting the Asian Community

NFT Spotlight: How Fortune Friends Club Is Supporting the Asian Community
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There’s no denying that NFTs are the new talk of the town. But what exactly is an NFT and what is all the craze about? Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets, such as art, music, membership pass, in-game items, and many others, that exists on a blockchain, which can be sold or traded using cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Solana. They are linked to smart contracts that contain information of the NFT, such as the creator of the piece, ownership, transaction history, and so on.

The NFT space is expanding rapidly with lots of new traders joining daily, but with that said, the common misconception about NFTs is their value. Are they just images of crazy-looking monkeys like Eminem’s Bored Ape Yacht Club? “Why are people paying stupid amounts of money for animated photos as their display photos?” many people ask.

What you didn’t know is that most NFT projects have a roadmap with lots of amazing utilities set in place, such as passive income through staking the NFT in exchange for different rewards or access to real-life events—the possibilities are endless! So today, we sat down with the founder of Fortune Friends Club, @QueenBao_to find out more about her NFT project’s mission of supporting Asian creatives.

Who Are You and What Is Fortune Friends Club?

Hey TSS! I’m QueenBao, but you can call me Lili! I am the founder of Fortune Friends Club (FFC), an NFT project with a mission to celebrate Asian culture. Being part of our community means you love to express your creativity. It’s a lifestyle of adventure, spending time with fun people, and unapologetically being your true self! This is an identity you can carry both in-person and digitally.

FFC pulls inspiration from my love for food. I was a food blogger for the last five years whilst working in the tech industry across Sydney and San Francisco. I started freelancing for a crypto project early last year, and that is how I discovered the world of NFTs. As a creative, the NFT space captured my attention as it presented a solution for crediting original creators & builders for their work. It also allowed communities to go global on one day and band around a shared collection of interests, values, and passion.

All that inspired me to work on my own project. Having the noticed lack of Asian representation in the NFT space, I wanted to build a brand that celebrated and empowered our culture, food, and values.

Why Have You Chosen Bao as a Base Model for Your Project?

It has a double meaning for us! Bāozi (包子) as in steamed bun and bǎo zàng (宝藏), which means precious treasure. A plate of many different dumplings together symbolises togetherness and completeness. Enjoying this dish improves your luck in scoring successful teamwork and a tight family bond. It is also a sign of good fortune as dumplings signify wealth because they have a shape similar to the ancient Chinese gold ingot.

We wanted to build a tight community of Baos who were excited about food, fortune, and friends. So I started to work with our artist @baowzer on illustrations that captured my design style and celebrated my culture. So that is how it all began!

So How Are You Celebrating Asian Culture with This Art Style?

Our art celebrates Asian values ​​we grew up with, namely family togetherness, love for delicious food, luck, and fortune. Besides our dumpling traits, we also have fun traits based on dishes we love, such as salmon sashimi, chives, milk tea, and many more!

Our core pieces also pay homage to Asian artists and creators. These pieces include the likes of contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, Konoha’s best ninja Naruto, production houses like Studio Ghibli, and brands like the famous White Rabbit candy. These are powerhouses in Asian culture that have truly inspired our work.

What Are the Things You Love Most about the FFC Community?

FFC is a tight-knit community of Baos. We love to hang out on Discord, play games together, and make new friends! We worked hard to cultivate a friendly space that values ​​togetherness, food, and fun.

We award the “Fortune Army” role to our most engaged and active members. They are our trusted advisors and the spokespeople for our brand, helping us with anything from product strategy to artistic direction and many other things.

What Does “Asian Creatives Fund” and “Fortune Studio” Mean on Your Roadmap?

Our Asian Creatives Fund is dedicated to supporting Asian creatives from across the globe no matter what their craft is! Our goal is to help founders kick-start their business with some initial capital.

The Creatives Fund is a precursor to our Fortune Studio, where we have a more high-touch model to support projects in the early stages of building. We are also planning to launch a marketplace to showcase all the incredible products and services built by our creators.

Is There a Particular Reason Behind These Ideas?

I always wanted to be a singer when I was younger! Although I had incredible support from my parents, they did not acknowledge it as an option for my career. So I thought to myself: “What if I had a few thousand dollars to invest in a mic, an amplifier, and a camera so I could start uploading YouTube videos?” or “What if I had a community of creatives around me to join in my journey to building up my music career?”

Our fund empowers founders to build alongside the community, which means having a dedicated channel to support creatives that we invest in, regular check-ins and a chance to showcase project updates to all our Baos!

Many Say That Asia Will Be the Biggest Market for NFTs. Why Is This?

Asian artists like Jay Chou’s “Phanta Bear” and @dumbfoundead.eth‘s “Neighborheads” are renowned NFT collections today. It’s clear Asia has emerged as the largest NFT market in 2021 with Southeast Asia leading the charge. Over the recent months, the Asian art meta has also exploded, with non-fungible token collections like Azuki and Karafuru taking the market by storm. Similarly, Alibaba & Tencent have invested heavily in digital collectables so I’m expecting to see a lot more projects focused on the East.

Asian countries have high digital penetration, are avid gamers and consistently show a quick uptake for new tech trends. Non-fungible tokens are a friendly on-ramp for non-crypto natives, which is why we saw huge shockwaves of new people from Asia trading in the NFT space daily.

What Are Some of the Collaborations You Would Like to Work On?

Our team would love to collaborate with YouTubers like Strictly Dumpling, homeware stores like Daiso on some Bao phone cases maybe? Chef David Chang and NFT projects including Karafuru, WonderPalsthe list never ends!

Do You Have Any Advice for the New People Joining the NFT Space?

It’s incredibly fun, fast, noisy and exhilarating. New projects are launching every hour, and every Discord you join is a new world to explore. My advice is to just dive into the market with an open mind! Twitter is a melting pot of new & interesting projects, it’s so easy to dive into a rabbit hole and immerse yourself in the epic experiences people are building.

If you’re don’t want to miss out on the latest NFT news, be sure to check out The Sole NFT! There we will keep you up-to-date on the best NFT projects, upcoming NFT mint dates, news, and anything else related to web3 and the metaverse.

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