NFTs now major source of income for UK freelancers offering Metaverse services

NFTs now major source of income for UK freelancers offering Metaverse services
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New research by Fiverr has revealed the earning potential of Web 3.0 Services, including NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), the Metaverse, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The online marketplace surveyed 1,000 UK freelancers at the start of 2022 and discovered that many have already successfully leveraged Web 3.0 to build into their portfolio and increased their income, with 87 per cent revealing they have already made a profit by offering these services.

Fiverr’s analysis also found that more than three in four freelancers (77%) plan to enhance their current service offering based on the growth of Web 3.0, showing an inclination to embrace innovation.

And with good reason – UK freelancers predict they could earn an extra £2,300 per month on average from Web 3.0 with 37 per cent confident they could earn up to £3,000 and 20 per cent believing they could earn up to £4,000.

Freelancers cash out on NFT and Metaverse services

NFTs have become a buzzword of 2022, with celebrities and entrepreneurs capitalizing on this new digital trend.

Fiverr’s research shows that freelancers are also spotting the wealth of opportunities they afford, with more than half (56%) already profiting from NFTs.

Generation Z in particular are showing greater optimism towards NFTs compared to other Web 3.0 auction technologies, with 60 per cent looking at NFTs and platforms as a serious market for professional growth.

Whilst the potential and evolution of the Metaverse is largely unknown, the data also shows that 44 per cent of freelancers are already offering their services.

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UK freelancers also recognise the potential of other Web 3.0 services including AI and AR with nearly a third (32%) saying they see opportunities to incorporate AI into their work, and a further 34 per cent for AR.

Commenting on the findings, Peggy de Lange, VP of International Expansion at Fiverr, said: “Following the pandemic, UK entrepreneurial spirit continues to shine through as savvy online freelancers turn new digital trends into earning potential.

“As with all new technologies, future widespread adoption is uncertain but online marketplaces like Fiverr have an important role to play in providing a platform for freelancers to pivot their services around these trends, during a time of sky-rocketing growth.”

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