Ntorque is launching world’s new age metaverse based gaming platform

Ntorque is launching world's new age metaverse based gaming platform
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Ntorque is a community driven platform on Metaverse & NFTs market , Ntorqu’s mission is to build a system where creators will be able to create, play, share & monetize NTQ tokens & gaming Assets. Ntorque is set to launch their 1st ever metaverse based live casino games in the crypto world . Ntorque team informed that metaverse tokens NTQ are set to be the next big thing in the digital asset sphere.

The metaverse is an online 3d universe which combines multiple virtual spaces & it can be seen as a future version of the internet. With metaverse users will be able to collaborate, meet, play games, and socialize in these 3d spaces.

The NFTs are digital items that can be traded thru blockchain technology. However, they are not fungible, making them a different type of asset, one that is based on value and popularity. NFTs interaction in the metaverse , user can have complete control over their digital assets in the metaverse. Thanks to Ntorqu’s platform which provides the technology , which are immutable , confirmation of ownership that underpins these virtual world.

Work in the metaverse:

Supply and demand dynamics are driving more people into the meta-economy. This, in turn, will necessitate the development of new skills and generate new opportunities to make money. Ntorque has developing and build the products that are consumed in the virtual world—establishing huge opportunities for the creator economy. recently created an interesting bridge between digital and physical merchandise (NFT owners receive physical sneakers that match their NFTs), and is building an ecosystem of avatars, spaces and digital products, in addition to wearables.

Ntorque’s approach to the metaverse

The success of building and scaling in the metaverse is dependent on having a robust and flexible financial ecosystem that will allow users to seamlessly connect between the physical and virtual worlds. Our approach to payments and financial infrastructure will allow that interoperability to grow.

We believe the existing virtual gaming landscape (each virtual world with its own population, GDP, in-game currency and digital assets) has elements that parallel the existing global economy.

NTORQUE are building and scaling new emerging technologies to modernize infrastructure and business models including but not limited to tokenization and digital identity, as we strive for perpetual innovation and better ways to organize financial transactions and payments in the decentralized web.

Experience the New Era of Gaming for Earning.

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