Pro-Crypto President Wins South Korea Election

Pro-Crypto President Wins South Korea Election
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On Thursday, conservative, pro-crypto candidate Yoon Suk-yeol claimed victory in South Korea’s hotly-contested presidential election, claiming approximately half of the votes in a race that saw 77% of voters turn out. In under a day, the South Korean project ICON surged over 60%, buoyed by optimism that Yoon’s victory may herald a raft of pro-crypto policies.

The country is home to a young, tech-savvy population, which gravitated toward Yoon in part because of his pro-crypto outlook, and his pledge to deregulate South Korea’s exploding crypto market. Last winter, Yoon minted an NFT of his signature on the ICON blockchain, and in the leadup to the election, Yoon also launched his own NFT collection.


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