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PROSPECT 100 Wants You to Make Art NFTs to Help Ukraine

As the crisis in Ukraine continues to develop, more and more people are coming together to raise money to help support the country and its citizens, and now you can help thanks to PROSPECT 100’s global design challenge. Designers are asked to create a digital artwork inspired by 25 different pieces of news sources that should serve as inspiration for your art, and if you’re one of the 100 selected artists, your work will be judged before being turned into an NFT.

The NFTs will be donated to Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, where they will be sold and the money raised will be given to the Armed Forces and the country’s civilians. Speaking on the project, PROSPECT 100 co-founder Alexandre Daillance said: “My co-founder Adam Flanagan had noticed a tweet from Vice President Fedorov about Ukraine releasing NFT artwork in order to raise funds for the Armed Forces. We immediately realized that given our network of designers on a global scale we might be able to help generate really high-quality artworks in a rapid time frame for the Government to assist their cause. It was important for all of our team to quickly put something together using our organization to benefit the people of Ukraine during this time of crisis.”

He added, “I emailed the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which Vice President Fedorov heads up, and quickly received a response as well as an introduction to the Head of the NFT project as well as their partnered organization for this initiative ‘Ukrainian NFT artists’ community’, so we began working on this competition immediately, building an initiative that fits the needs and requests of everyone we spoke to in Ukraine.”

Co-founder Harry Beard went on to add, “This entire competition was put together in under 24 hours. Everyone who has helped out has made this possible thus far particularly from the individuals on Ukraine’s side, as well as the judges who accepted to support on such short notice. Since PROSPECT 100’s inception at the beginning of lockdown, our aim has been to give support and opportunities to creatives on a global scale. Today that narrative flips. We hope that designers around the world today are willing to lend their support. We are calling for as many entries as possible to this competition. Please take a moment of your time to create something amazing to support this initiative being organized by Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation which will lead to more funds being raised for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and civilians. There are two key aims on our side. With the help of our participants and judges, we want to help facilitate the creation and identification of artwork that will be best for an NFT sale, and we want to raise as much awareness as possible around the overall sale of NFTs so hopefully more people will , upon their release, go and buy the artworks to generate as much money as possible for the Ukrainian armed forces.”

Using the Ukrainian NFT artists’ community’s collection of news resources, you can create any digital artwork that helps the ongoing crisis. It will be judged by a panel that includes Daniel Arsham, Hiroshi Fujiwara, David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister, Emmanuel Perrotin, Adrian Joffe, Andre Saraiva, DudeWithSign, FuckJerry, Millinsky, and Caitlyn Grabenstein.

PROSPECT 100’s global design challenge is open until 23:59 pm GMT on March 26. More can be found online.

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