Roundhill Investments to Launch Metaverse ETF in Germany

FRANKFURT, Germany, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Roundhill Investments, an ETF sponsor focused on innovative thematic funds, is planning to launch a Metaverse ETF in Germany later this month in partnership with Ball Metaverse Research Partners. The Fund will be Roundhill’s first launch in the European market.

The Metaverse is broadly understood as a successor-state to today’s mobile Internet, but which will involve countless interoperable and persistent virtual worlds, be richly integrated into the physical world as well, thereby creating a new medium and economy for work, leisure, and innovation . Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have estimated that the Metaverse economy will be worth roughly $8 trillion. Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, has said he believes the Metaverse economy will eventually exceed that of the physical world.

The Fund will aim to offer investors exposure to the Metaverse* by tracking, before fees and expenses, the performance of the Ball Metaverse Index (BALLMETA Index). According to TD Ameritrade (2/15/2022), the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (NYSE Arca: METV), which also tracks the BALLMETA Index, was the largest sector ETF launched in the US in 2021, amassing $885 million in assets.

The Index is managed by Ball Metaverse Research Partners, an indexing and research firm led by Matthew Balla seasoned investor, advisor, and researcher of the Metaverse.

“We consider the precedent of the Metaverse to be as transformative and valuable as the emergence of mobile Internet and the fixed-line Internet thatd it. It will likely touch every industry and profession, enlarging and/or disrupting today’s leaders, and leading to countless new companies and technologies” said Matthew Ball.

“We believe that all investors should have the ability to invest in our themes, not just US investors. This launch will be an important step towards achieving that goal,” said Roundhill CIO Tim Maloney. “We’re excited to debut our first fund in Europe and look forward to offering additional products in the future.”

*There is no guarantee that the objective investment will be reached. Past performance does not predict future returns.

About Roundhill Investments:

Roundhill Investments is a US-based investment advisor focused on developing innovative exchange-traded products. The firm’s product lineup currently accounts for more than $1 billion in assets under management. To learn more about the company, please visit roundhillinvestments.com.

About Ball Metaverse Research Partners:

Ball Metaverse Research is a financial and market research collective focused on the ongoing transition of global telecommunications, commerce and social engagement to the successor platform of the current Internet, known popularly as the ‘Metaverse.’ In addition to managing the Metaverse Index, Ball Metaverse Research publishes essays and studies on the future of the Internet, entertainment, gaming and social media, as well as convenes and participates in industry settings to promote standards and dialogue between important media and technology entrepreneurs, inventors changing, and enterprises.

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