Shane Tedjarati, former Honeywell High Growth Regions President and CEO, launches global investment group Tribridge

SAN FRANCISCO, March 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tribridge Group: Shane Tedjarati, the former President and CEO of Honeywell Global High Growth Regions, has launched the Tribridge Group (Tribridge) – a global investment organization dedicated to solving the real-world challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. As the name suggests, Tribridge will focus on building bridges between diverse teams across the world and applying leading technologies to address global mega trends.

“Tribridge is committed to bridging the Eastthe West and the Rest through Global Trends, Teams and Ttechnologies. By naming the new company Tribridge, I want to carry forward the credo I have always upheld – that humanity’s prosperity is rooted in interdependence not isolation, and that the welfare of the whole is dependent on the well-being of the individual parts,” said Mr. Tedjarati, founder, Chairman and CEO of the Tribridge Group. “I aim to continue building people-to-people bridges across the globe via businesses and investments in my post-Honeywell life, which I like to call my life 3.0. I am so proud that we have already welcomed more than 10 world-renowned advisors and venture partners and we will seek to achieve our objectives by partnering with leading organizations with common convictions.”

Tribridge is building bridges across the world through six core initiatives: Global Asset Advisory, Tribridge Advanced Technologies, Global Venture Architecture, Tribridge Developments, Tribridge Global Mobility as well as Tribridge Global Capital, focusing on multiple sectors including food security, climate change, industrial transformation , global mobility, healthcare & life sciences, urbanization & essential housing, and education.

Mr. Tedjarati is a seasoned and highly respected business executive with over 35 years of experience throughout the globe, including more than two decades spent in Asia in general and China in particular. As President & CEO of Global High Growth Regions for Honeywell (NYSE: HON), he was the architect of it’s globalization drive which transformed the company into the world’s leading and largest industrial technology firm, driving the lion’s share of its growth from the emerging markets of the world.

Mr. Tedjarati was recognized by the board of directors as having “transformed Honeywell China from a scattered collection of small businesses… to a full-fledged Chinese enterprise representing Honeywell’s second-largest country in revenue,” and that they “greatly admire and respect his forthright style, judgment, keen insight, integrity, and recognize the indelible mark he left on the Company’s culture .. all of which contributed to the long-term success of the Corporation.”

Mr. Tedjarati remains a senior advisor to Honeywell International and joined VS Partners LLC as Chairman in January 2022. VS Partners is a value-based asset management firm investing globally and the exclusive platform to carry out Tribridge’s Global Asset Advisory initiative. He also serves on the board of leading multi-national and regional firms that consistently deliver strong business performance in North America, Europe and Asia.

About Tribridge Group

Tribridge Group is a global investment organization dedicated to solving the real-world challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. It builds “bridges” between “Teams, Technologies and Trends” and between “the East, the West and the Rest.” The group invests in and partners with players in key sectors, such as food security, climate change, industrial transformation, global mobility, healthcare & life sciences, urbanization & essential housing, as well as education. Tribridge partners with the world’s leading investment firms to grow companies on a global scale and drive sustainable value for their stakeholders. Tribridge has its headquarters in Hong Kong and representative offices in San Francisco, London, Dubai, Sydneyand Shanghai. For more information on Tribridge, please visit www.tribridgegroup.com.

About Shane Tedjarati

As the former Honeywell High Growth Regions President and CEO, Shane Tedjarati was responsible for driving Honeywell’s expansion throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Prior to Honeywell, he spent 20 years in information technology and management consulting and was the President of Deloitte in Greater China. He is a well-recognized leader who has successfully built sustainable businesses globally and is a thought leader on issues of globalization and industrial transformation. He is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and co-founder of its flagship programs in China and the Middle-East.



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