Singapore – Demand for blockchain and crypto specialists surge 80%: Indeed

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07 March 2022

Jobs requiring knowledge in blockchain, cryptocurrency or NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have grown 80% in Singapore in the past year, according to research from Indeed.

The data from Indeed also showed a quickening in the market’s demand. In 2020, the increase was 20%.

Indeed’s research also found that a growing number of positions require some knowledge in these areas. From January 2021 to 2022, the number of job titles with similar demands almost doubled.

In 2019, most roles asking for blockchain or crypto expertise were technical, such as software engineers, developers and software architects. By 2021, roles like compliance officers, community managers, recruiters, and social media specialists also included requests for knowledge in blockchain, cryptocurrency or NFTs.

“Our research identified two primary trends in the market,” Nishita Lalvani, Senior Manager from Indeed in Singapore said. “The first is the growing demand for technical professionals, like developers and software engineers, who have skills in these news areas. is that, even for non-technical professionals, knowing about these technologies can become a differential to get a job.For these professionals, the level of expertise required can vary a lot, but it seems that some knowledge is already making a difference.”

In the last two years, in addition to technical areas, some jobs in media, law and arts also started demanding expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency or NFTs.

Indeed’s research also identified the trend in other regional countries. In the past year, the demand for professionals with these abilities grew 370% in the Philippines, 213% in Vietnam, 211% in Thailand, and 266% in Indonesia.

“Singapore is an Asian financial and technological hub,” Lalvani said. “The country understands that these new technologies have the potential to disrupt several sectors of the economy and is investing to be at the forefront of the transformation.”


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