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Springfield muralist explains art and NFTs

Springfield muralist explains art and NFTs
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A local artist has entered the world of NFTs and is sharing her experience with others.

Andrea Ehrhardt is a popular muralist around the Ozarks. As the artist behind Art by Andrea, she has kept busy making canvas paintings, online prints, and large-scale murals for clients like Bass Pro Shops, the Discovery Center, and the YMCA Downtown for the last eight years.

She has also created online courses teaching students how to make money as an artist. Her latest lessons have been diving into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs.

“Non-fungible just means that it’s really hard to reproduce. And so what it is, it’s just another extension of my art business, and you can make it as complicated as you want, or it can be as easy as you want,” says Ehrhardt. She uses it in a way to create a unique piece of art that can be verified as one of a kind.

Ehrhardt says traditionally she can create a real-life painting, take a photo of it, and the customer can have the print once it’s paid for and shipped. She can continue doing this as long as she likes and the customer knows it’s likely not the only copy.

But through the NFT route, she could recreate her real-life painting, add anything she would want to it like an animation to make it unique, and a customer could have it instantly and know that it is one of a kind due to the blockchain .

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

“Since it’s all online and it’s all kept a record of, you know for sure that is an Andrea painting,” says Ehrhardt. “It’s kind of a mixture between trading baseball cards and stocks.”

Her first NFT sold for about $300 and since then she has found great success selling about 15 NFTs so far.

“I have this thing called the Artist Academy. I help artists to make money with their creativity. And so I’m attaching artist academic scholarships to my NFT as to where if you’re an artist and you buy one, you automatically get three months, six months, however long inside of the academy.” says Ehrhardt. She says resellers will also have access to the course.

Only time will tell whether or not NFTs become the next big thing. NFTs can be anything that is digital such as art, music, or even real estate. Twitter’s founder sold the very first tweet for under $3 million.

“It’s the same with art in real life, though. You know, like what makes art in real life worth anything? Some people love this painting, and they hate this other painting. But a lot of people love this other painting, and so it’s worth more. Like the art in real life, it’s not that much of separation from digital art in the NFT space. If you think about it, it’s just a little bit more hoops to jump through.” says Ehrhardt.

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