Swiss Crypto Bank enhances their list of tradable commodities

PRAGUE, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since Russia and Ukraine are both major exporters of essential commodities such as wheat and energy, the conflict between them has turned the global economy unstable. Yet the problem of commodity shortages and high prices started long before, due to global warming harming crops all over the world, and the outburst of COVID-19 that resulted in supply chain disruptions. For this reason, Swiss Crypto Bank has decided to enhance the list of tradable commodities on their platform.

“The most distinct benefit of investing in commodities over other assets is that commodities’ prices tend to be stable. Now, In light of the war, some commodities’ values ​​are showing increased volatility as well,said Anthony Barone, Swiss Crypto Bank Spokesperson. “To us, It doesn’t seem right that investors who usually prefer investing in commodities should change habits just because of the current situation. That’s why we decided to broaden the variety of commodities our clients can invest in.”

Choose your battles

The global economy isn’t going to heal soon from the economic damages caused by global warming, COVID-19, and the war in eastern Europe. In these uncertain times, investors should be careful about where they invest their money. Swiss Crypto Bank has the proficiency and experience to navigate its traders in this economically unstable environment.

“Traders working with us deserve nothing but the best conditions and the most optimal technology for tackling the markets, and this step we’re taking is part of our commitment to that,” added Barone. “We will continue to offer investors a wide variety of assets to invest in, and with the best professional consultancy, so they have the most optimal experience one can ask for when exploring trading opportunities.”

About Swiss Crypto Bank

Swiss Crypto Bank is a brokerage firm founded and led by veterans in the investment field. The company’s goal is to provide the ultimate brokerage experience, by giving users top-notch tools to further understand how they should handle themselves in the investment world, and cutting-edge technology regarding safety and security. “Having multiple choices is something we wish for us and for our investors alike,” added Barone. “Therefore our investors can choose between six different account typesso every investor is able to build a trading portfolio tailored to their needs.”

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