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the first generative female avatar project

the first generative female avatar project
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Fame Lady Squad NFT: the first generative female avatar project – Photo: Shutterstock

The Fame Lady Squad (FLS), an ‘all-female’ non-fungible token (NFT) project, emerged in the rapidly expanding NFT market in 2021. It became embroiled in controversy last year amid disputes around its authenticity and ownership.

Are you interested in learning more about the Fame Lady Squad NFT? Read on for our latest Fame Lady Squad overview.

What is Fame Lady Squad?

Originally launched in July 2021, Fame Lady Squad is the first generative female avatar NFT project, with 8888 distinctive Ladies made up of millions of character combinations. However, Fame Lady Squad’s history plays a huge role in its current path. The project was advertised as the “first female avatar project of all time”. But the FLS team members from the US and Norway – billed as Cindy, Kelda and Andrea – were men.

  Fame Lady Squad team

The news led to an outcry within the community. NFT creator Fedor LinnikIn tweeted about the creators on 10 August 2021.

Fame Lady Squad’s founders, Max Rand, D Mefi and John Russo, posted an apology thread on the Fame Lady Squad’s Twitter account, although it was later deleted. Many who the NFTs felt misled and called for a change of purchased ownership. The original founders agreed to turn the contract, project and assets over to key members of the community.

On 24 August, the FLS project was relaunched as not only the first female-generated avatar project but also the first community-led project. Ownership was transferred through a third-party broker, @digitalarchickto Ashley Smith, a self-employed estate agent in Canada.

Smith, who currently has control over the entire series of NFTs, leads the FLS project with Saul/Data Lady (Now Data) and Danielle Davis. The original founders also promised to donate $100,000 of their earnings from FLS to support NFT artists and projects.

Fame Lady Squad NFT project

With a mission to provide opportunities and support to women from different backgrounds in the crypto and NFT spaces, the project’s roadmap has been a bit different from others. For a project that creates an image of a strong and independent woman of the NFT community, strong gender branding drew the attention of many.

Smith and the team have set up a transitional Discord to drive the Fame Lady Squad NFT, creating an outline in three categories: community building, female potential and utility. The current owners are trying to rebuild the NFT from scratch based on community feedback.

The growth trajectory depends on such things having places where women can ask questions without feeling judged. It should also be protected from misinformation, scammers and “pump and dumps”, according to Davis.

There are plans to launch a shop selling T-Shirts with the Ladies artwork, and an FLS Podcast focusing on women in NFTs.

Along with that, in the spirit of full transparency, Davis shares a few details that are currently work in progress:

  • Ladies only content: this is a ladies-only website focusing on helping members stay up to date, learn about crypto, Ethereum and NFTs at large and make the best decisions. It would help them make the best decisions possible and continue to act as experts in space.

  • Brand partnerships: The squad is working on getting partnership deals and is in talks with female-led companies. Details have still not been disclosed as they are under NDAs and things are being worked out.

  • Metaverse: Supporters in the community have shown interest in seeing an FLS presence in Decentraland. A portion of which has materialised as of January this year. FLS teamed up with jewelry company Catharsis to provide pendants in the metaverse. Gold and silver FLS wearables are coming to the metaverse and one can sport this jewelry in virtual reality and real life. There are 8,888 NFTs in total and each one is redeemable for a real, physical pendant.

  • Our story (extended): The FLS story is one of the biggest assets for the brand, hence, the owners are exploring options to feature themselves through documentary films or develop comic books.

The NFT currently faces a backlog. Announcements have halted due to NDAs. The squad is still working on the details.

The Fame Lady Squad collection can be purchased on the Ethereum blockchain.

FLS future

FLS now operates with a motive to give back to the community, empower women and encourage inclusion and diversity in the NFT space. Commercial IP rights of each Lady NFT belong to its owner, at a floor price of 0.145 ETH. With a trading volume of 3.300 ETH, one can purchase digital art on OpenSea.

The Fame Lady Squad forecast depends on its popularity and the growth of NFTs as investment assets. Additionally, the direction that the FLS team takes and how the community reacts to it will also affect things.

Investors should always keep in mind that when dealing with NFTs, they are liable for extreme price volatility. They are relatively new investment assets.

You should always do your own research before investing. Your decision to buy NFTs and cryptocurrencies should depend on your attitude to take a risk. Investors should measure how comfortable they are about losing their money. And you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


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