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The First NFT Environmental Art Project Creates a New Coral Reef in the Ocean

The First NFT Environmental Art Project Creates a New Coral Reef in the Ocean
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MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2022 / — #SUPERCOCO-NFT (#SC-NFT) will be the first NFT Environmental Art Project to create a new coral reef park with NFTs, leaving a Blue Mark in the ocean and the Metaverse.

The project’s long-term road map focuses on providing awareness-education and encouraging eco-ethical behavior to protect our ocean’s natural resources, resulting in 3 NFT collections. These collections will bloom into 2 underwater large-scale artworks used to promote coral conservation:
-The Blue Mark Labyrinth: An installation consisting of 200 coral tree frames, in the shape of a giant fingerprint, where the corals will be grown for 9-12 months and then transferred to The Blue Mark Park.
– The Blue Mark Park Reef: this pristine 1-acre man-made reef, will hold the 20,000 corals that will be sold in the form of NFTs. (1 NFT = 1 CORAL)

Analia Bordenave (AB artist), author and director of the #SC-NFT environmental project, has an established career in participatory, ecological, and AR-Art. She is the founder of ART FOR EVOLUTION (AFE), the nonprofit charitable organization in Miami Beach, Florida, where scientists, coral restoration experts, master divers, developers, crypto financial analysts, and great volunteer team members help enrich the environment. Analia uses her art as a medium to promote positive change in society and the environment because she believes that art has the power to change the world.

“Our unique project will have a huge impact on the environment and our oceans and be different from any other NFT project that came before us,” said Analia Bordenave. She continues, “We will be using Solana, a carbon-neutral blockchain. #SUPERCOCO-NFT’s real-world impact will be a legacy for future generations, leaving a BLUE MARK in the Ocean with powerful NFTs that will drive societal change—taking NFTs to the next level by adding as a new utility involving collectors to protect the oceans with NFTs.”

#SUPERCOCO-NFT BLUE MARK will be launched in the second quarter of 2022. It’s more than just an NFT collection: it’s a 5-goal-plan, NFT Environmental Art Project that blends Eco-Art and AR-Art into a single NFT. Grounded by a noteworthy community “BLUE ELITE” with the remarkable ability to take care of the Planet with a vision of the future: NFTs.


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