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The Latest Dog Coin Taking the MMA World By Storm

The Latest Dog Coin Taking the MMA World By Storm
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In recent years, blockchain has made waves and disrupted a wide range of industries, including the sports world. The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), on the other hand, is one of the fundamental elements of blockchain that is fascinating for the sports sector. An NFT is a digital asset that symbolizes tangible assets like music, art, films, and games that are purchased and sold online using cryptocurrency and encoded using the same underlying software as other cryptos.

NFTs are being used to create more meaningful interactions between sports enthusiasts and their favorite sportspeople. These virtual collectibles allow fans to collect and trade tokens with unique highlights of their favorite players. Some fetched thousands of dollars when they first hit the market.

The martial sports industry is one of the highly impacted sectors by NFTs. However, taking over the MMA world is $MRI, the latest dog coin by the Marshall Rogan Inu team. Marshall Rogan Inu is a collection of like-minded sports enthusiasts and hardcore fighters sharing the same objectives. The team has been on a mission to create a unique and revolutionary token that would transform the fighter’s fortunes. Marshall Rogan Inu’s team understands that becoming a professional MMA fighter is a dream for many of these sportsmen and one that they battle to keep alive every day. The ugly reality is that, even though UFC is a 4 billion dollar sector, only a fraction of fighters earn more than $46k per year.

With that in mind, the Marshall Rogan Inu community developed $MRI, the revolutionary token reshaping the industry. The crew at $MRI saw a pressing need for combatants worldwide to have access to a support system. As a result, they are helping MMA fighters globally to reach their full fighting potential by allowing them to focus on fighting and not their finances. This is achieved through sponsoring fighters and paying them well, which is the major concern for many fighters.

Since its development, $MRI has been endorsed by a number of MMA superstars, such as Brandon Moreno and Chito Figuerdo, along with the 2nd division champion Henry Cejudo who have promoted the token. World-renowned MMA journalist John Morgan has also reached out to the community expressing his gratitude. $MRI has also been featured on Chael Sonnen’s podcast on YouTube, which has 1M subscribers, speaking and sharing more about the product to fighters around the world.

$MRI has granted over $500k to MMA fighters worldwide. These funds will be used to assist fighters in supporting their families, as well as to cover expenses, such as training camps, coaching, nutrition, and medical treatment, as well as to fund shows and give bonuses.

The end goal for $MRI is to work hand-in-hand with the UFC and become a major sponsor of the UFC, just like, Monster, Venum, etc. The objective is based on helping fighters out by giving support and a way for them to get involved with $MRI to have an extra source of income when they finish their careers.

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