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Troy school board sees presentation on art projects | Local/Regional

Troy school board sees presentation on art projects | Local/Regional
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TROY – During Tuesday’s meeting of the Troy School Board, Wayne Beeman, Visual Arts and Digital Media instructor at the Troy Intermediate School, presented to the board what students have been working on.

Beeman discussed the physical and digital art tools students use to create art and mentioned the valuable skills they learn through art classes using programs like Sketchbook.

“I shared with them about how I have side jobs that I’m contacted to do graphic design for. So this is something that really can be applied in the future.”

The example Beeman gave of this was the candy bar project, which starts with students designing the wrapper of a candy bar. Students then learn on Tinkercad with Jeff Palmer, the STEM instructor, how to create accurate models of the candy bars. Students also learn how to read and interpret nutrition labels on candy bars from Curtis Miller, the physical education teacher at TIS.

“I look at what we do in the visual arts world as a way to compliment what the core subjects are doing,” Beeman said.

Beeman hopes to incorporate teaching the students to write jingles for marketing their candy bars next year.

“We’re also trying to tie together color theory, marketing, and slogans. Some of the slogans these kids come up with are quite witty.”

Beeman closed with a video produced by students highlighting what they dub “Bystander Power” and an individual student’s ability to combat bullying. Beeman thanked the board for supporting the children’s art educations.

“We are better together, but always remember it’s more beautiful with art.”


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