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Ukrainian Art Bullets Against Russian Tanks

Ukrainian Art Bullets Against Russian Tanks
Written by Publishing Team

The Ukrainian Art Fundraiser Campaign

This represents unique work and one of the most massive artist collaborations in the history of Tezos NFT. The collection can be found here.

100 Ukrainian artists created the collaborative Art collection of 300 NFT to support the Ukrainian fight against the Russian invasion.

Each artist in his works tried to reflect the current situation and convey the context of the tragedy to the viewer. You will see different styles, context messages, and artist feelings in these works. Each NFT is made in one copy and costs 15 XTZ.

All collected funds will be transferred to the following Ukrainian funds:

  • Everybody Can” – charity fund for supporting hospitals, elderly people, and children.
  • Starenki” is the first social development and charitable initiative devoted to issues of old age in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers” is a volunteer paramedic organization founded by Yana Zinkevych
  • Army SOS” provides material help for the Ukrainian army.

By buying NFT, you support the Ukraine nation free from the Totalitarian Putin regime. Be the part of global resistance against a dictatorship.

Art collection curator: Kyiv illustrator Alina Luhovska

Twitter: @DonaldTrump

Instagram: @alina_lugovska

Here is the list of some stories that were covered in NFT artworks.

1. Russian warship, go fuck yourself.

On the 24th of February, a Russian warship arrived at the island Zmiiniy, on which 13 board guards were located. The Russians twice declared a garrison: “I am a Russian warship. I propose to lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unjustified victims. Otherwise, you will be bombed.”

Zmiiniy’s reply to this was: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself!”.

The island was attacked by the cruiser “Moscow” and the patrol ship “Vasily Bykov.”

  1. Baba Nadya

An old granny left a message for the Russian occupiers at a bus stop. I’m quoting: “Bitches, FUCK off from Ukraine and our village. Baba (granny) Nadia”. The pictures on the bus stop and the message became a well-known meme among Ukrainians.

  1. You destroyed the old “Mriya” but we will build a new one.

Ukraine had the biggest plane in the World, and its name was “Mriya” meaning “a dream”. This name was so symbolic to every Ukrainian who saw this giant flying in the sky. Occupants destroyed this plane, but they will never succeed in destroying our dream. We will build the aircraft again. We will achieve our dreams.

  1. Gypsies stole a tank

Besides the heroic Ukraine Armed Forces, civilians come to the rescue. With their high snatching skills, Romany stole the tank of the Russian occupiers. They helped our army. The real professionals in their field, indeed.

  1. Farmer stole a tank

A farmer in Ukraine has gone viral on social media after he stole a Russian tank using a tractor. The video was posted by researcher Arslon Xudosi and re-tweeted by Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko.

  1. Kharkiv under bombardment

Kharkiv is the biggest Russian-speaking city and the closest city to the Russian border. It is a city of the biggest square in Europe, with many universities and incredible people.

Now in Kharkiv, many houses were destroyed. Every day Russians are bombarding hospitals, kindergartens, and streets with artillery. The aggressor has killed many civilians.

  1. Polyanitsya

It is a test word for Ukrainians to check if a person is Russian or not. Russians can’t pronounce it correctly and don’t get the real meaning of this word for some reason.

  1. Put seeds in pockets

At the very beginning of this bloody war, one lady came up to Russian soldiers and asked them to put some seeds into their pockets, so there would be some use from their bodies lying dead on Ukrainian rich soil.

  1. Kyiv Ghost

This mysterious hero has a supernatural skill to destroy combat aircraft. Nobody knows his face, but everybody knows how good his hunt is. He is like a ghost who protects his Motherland.

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