World’s First All-In-One Crypto Trading Platform Announces Free Tools for Busy Traders

The world’s first semi-automated crypto trading platform announces a free suite of tools that’s ideal for busy traders, part-time investors, and anyone else currently involved in cryptocurrency. It includes computer-generated trade ideas, market scanners, expert updates, and trader education – including one strategy that could help you make profits overnight.

SOFIA, Bulgaria, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ProfitFarmers, the world’s first semi-automated crypto trading co-pilot, is re-launching their free “Moonbag” – a suite of tools designed to help busy traders save hours of time and improve their profitability. “Moonbag” is a crypto slang for a small investment in risky projects in the hope that it’ll increase in value exponentially.

Here are just a few highlights of this free package:

  • Complete trade plans: Signals including entry zones, take-profit targets, stop-loss, and leverage.
  • Market analysis and predictions: ProfitFarmers team analyzes the crypto market and informs you of trends and helpful strategies. One recent opinion predicted a massive spike in MIR, a cryptocurrency, days before it happened.
  • Price scanners: Traders use price-action and relative-strength index scanners to see market behavior at a glance and make more informed trading decisions. These are available free.
  • Advanced education: Free training videos, live trading sessions, and more – including one strategy that helped a member to make 60% in just hours.

You can learn more about their Moonbag here

CEO Matthew Tansley believes his company’s free package truly benefits traders everywhere, regardless of their trading goals. He had this to say:

We founded ProfitFarmers with the idea of ​​giving traders their lives back. No price alarms. No sitting at the screen all day. No emotional rollercoaster. Our platform automates nearly every time-consuming trading task including research, planning, and monitoring trades.

Now, with the free Moonbag, we can save traders hours and hours of time AND improve their strike rate, helping them live better lives free from the emotional rollercoaster of crypto trading.”

He went on to say:

“Crypto is not only confusing – it’s intimidating. Not just for beginners, but for everyone. The whole idea of ​​the Moonbag is to help stressed out, confused, or scared traders by giving them a data-driven trading plan, helpful opinions from experts , and advanced market intelligence tools to make researching and planning trades easier.This free package includes everything you need to go from losing trades and being stressed out to winning and actually enjoying life.”

Why Are They Giving All of This Free?

2021 was a wildly successful year for the Moonbag and the company in general. Thousands of crypto traders everywhere signed up to get free trading ideas and tools, and many even went on to become full members of the platform.

And, with Bitcoin recently surging past $40,000they believe another boom is just around the corner.

2021 was so successful that ProfitFarmers decided to re-open the Moonbag for another run for a limited time.

The package includes the following, all 100% free.

Trading Signals

The core offer of the Moonbag is ProfitFarmer’s AI-generated trading signals with a historic 78% win rate on completed signals. Their algorithm dynamically scans the market taking into account dozens of factors, then each signal is vetted by their expert trading team before being passed on to Moonbag members.

Unlike most other services, the company has no “VIP” signals group. That means free Moonbag subscribers get the same quality signals as actual paid members of the platform.

The company says they focus only on quality not quantity, so they can’t guarantee a certain number of signals every week. However, it’s typically 2-3 depending on market conditions.

Trade signals include full trading plans. For example:

  • Coin pair
  • Entry zone
  • Take-profit targets
  • Stop-loss
  • Leverage
  • Direction
  • Strategy (EX: Futures-Scalp-Trade)

Market Updates

ProfitFarmers is run by a team of trading experts with decades of combined experience in trading, investing, and market analysis. And each week, this team publishes the results of their analysis and emails their thoughts to subscribers – again, all 100% free.

This includes anything from trading ideas and suggestions to coin price theories and more. Recently, their team instructed members to keep their eyes on MIR – a cryptocurrency – and be prepared to “buy the dip” before it spiked back up in price.

Within just a few days, the price did exactly as projected, and increased by 40% from their team’s suggested “buy zone” – the price at which the experts thought was optimal to purchase the coin.

This type of analysis not only will give members confidence, but also can help quell their emotions in volatile markets.

Trader Education

Moonbag subscribers not only get trading ideas and market updates every week, they also get expert trading education so they can learn how to analyze, research, and trade on their own. Everything from live trading sessions to helpful articles and videos. There’s even one strategy that, when combined with their scanners, helped one member make 60% on one trade overnight (see the video on the ProfitFarmers page).

We want to both give traders a fish AND teach them how to fish – so to speak”, said Matthew Tansley.

“We will literally put high-probability trading ideas in your hand, and in the meantime while your trades are live, you can learn advanced trading techniques from our videos, webinars, and live sessions. That way, you can start making your own trade ideas or fine tune the ones our algorithm creates. It’s really the best of both worlds. get to the next level. It’s that simple.”

In celebration of their very successful 2021, Profitfarmers wants to help traders everywhere get ready for what looks to be a very promising 2022. So, the Moonbag is once again open for everyone! It will be available for a limited time, so take advantage of this offer while it’s still available.

Visit ProfitFarmers page to learn more and sign up. It only takes a few minutes to create your free account and to access your tools. And yes, it is 100% free.

About ProfitFarmers

ProfitFarmers is the world’s first crypto co-pilot, a system that handles the most difficult aspects of trading for you. It’s a semi-automated trading platform that combines high win-rate signals with copy-trading and advanced trading tools to automate the most time-consuming trading tasks.

Their system creates a signal, then you copy the signal, adjust your plan, and enable trading features such as a break-even stop-loss. The system then does the rest. The entire system is designed to help traders optimize work-life balance and to finally live normal lives, all while still earning a full-time income. The company is registered in Bulgaria and run by CEO and founder Matthew Tansley.

Get access to the Free Moonbag here

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