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cheap gas? Sounds like a fever dream, right? While this app won’t make gas 2$ a gallon again (hey, it’s not magic), it will help you find the cheapest price for gas in your area.

As gas prices have soared to the highest they have been since 2008, it left many people wondering what they can do to save them from pain at the pump. Besides taking public transit and driving less, there is one app helping people save on gas.

The Boston-based company, GasBuddy is here to help you save on gas, and helps users see gas prices in real-time. GasBuddy has access to 140,000 gas stations across the United States, Australia, and Canada. GasBuddy was founded as a website in 2000, long before the days of smartphones and apps. In 2009, GasBuddy became an app and is available for Apple and Android devices.

GasBuddy uses GPS to view the user’s location and then compares gas prices from gas stations across your area, offering you the lowest price. GasBuddy alsos users to report gas prices in their area, which is incentivized by awarding the user points, racking up enough points allows the user to use the points to enter a daily drawing for a $100 prepaid gas card. Talk about savings! In 2017, GasBuddy also launched a gas-saving program called Pay with GasBuddy that allows consumers in the United States to save even more at the pump.

GasBuddy even allows users to filter for a variety of amenities, such as if they include a truck stop if they’re full service if there is an ATM available, restroom availability, air pumps, service station or food availability, and even beer and wine availability (if you’re on your way to a party, of course, please don’t drink and drive!) It can even come in handy during emergencies by pointing users toward gas stations with power (in cases of a city or statewide outages ).

Getting Started:

? Download the GasBuddy app, either on GooglePlay or Apple iOS

? Open GasBuddy and Tap “Sign Up”.

? Enter your email and zip code

? Turn on the share location feature, which can later be turned off via settings on your


Picking Gas:

? Tap the “find gas” button at the bottom of your screen.

? Select which type of fuel you prefer. Gasbuddy allows you to filter for regular, mid-grade

premium or diesel, UNL88, and E85.

? Gasbuddy lists the gas prices from low to high. It will also tell the user the general range

of prices in the area, for example in Los Angeles gas prices range from $4.99-5.99

? Users can also filter by payment method, ratings, brands, and even amenities such as

restrooms or stations are open 24/7. (Perfect for cross-country road trips!)

? Once you select a station, it will provide the full address, directions to the station,

reviews, and the aforementioned ratings and amenities.

So go on, download GasBuddy and start saving on gas!

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